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Shanda Beste

Shanda grew up in a Ballet Studio with its stringent training and discipline. She attended Birmingham-Southern College on a dance scholarship and graduatied magna cum laude in 1992. After graduatuationshe move to Key West, FL where she worked on sailing catamarans and was first introduced to yoga at Bikram’s Hot Yoga Studio. Today, she enjoys a wide variety of yoba studies, from yoga therapy techniques to vinyasa flow, from kundalini to yin yoga. Her classes offer an eclectic mix of fun, down-to-earth techniques that strengthen the physical body, release negative emotions, clear the mind and build self-confidence. Her most recent obesession is Stand-Up Paddleboard Yoga which combines her need for fun in th esun and on the water with the healing power of yoga.

website: http://www.soulshinesupyoga.com

Email: integratedanimal@aol.com
Phone: (239) 560-6667