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Marie Landwehr

“Yoga is both subtle and profound. The gentle additive benefits of yoga can transform one’s body, mind and spirit that transcends well beyond the mat and into overall quality of life and attitude.”

Marie has been committed to her yoga practice for over 15 years since she first utilized yoga to promote her own physical recovery after a traumatic car accident. Personally familiar with the challenges of pursuing and maintaining optimal health and her own ongoing recovery, she is enthusiastic to share the joy and benefits of yoga as a viable change agent. Marie infuses a wealth of experience, passion, and functional movement to make your yoga experience approachable. As a certified yoga instructor, her clear and calm Power Yoga/Ashtanga style has been strongly influenced by Bryan Kest. Marie obtained her MA in Addiction Studies. Having worked in the field of substance abuse and recovery, she values the practice of yoga for the capacity to promote equanimity ~ maintaining calmness despite daily challenges. She is also a United States Air Force (USAF) veteran, where, in addition to her Military Duties, she represented the USAF in competitive sports and worked as a health/fitness advisor.

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