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Craig McLaughlin

Craig McLaughlin had been practicing yoga sporadically in the mid 1990’s when he had the opportunity to attend Mr. B.K.S Iyengar’s 80th birthday celebration/workshop in Pune, India in 1998. After that amazing experience, he pursued yoga instruction from other more accessible instructors who had been studying and practicing with Mr. Iyengar for many years. The fundamentals of this practice, with creative sequencing and proper alignment, along with the use of props (tools to help one get the shape of the pose with stability), helps make the yoga postures (asanas) approachable for any student of yoga. Craig has been a massage therapist for 20 years and with his understanding of muscles and structure, he feels that regular asana practice is an excellent way to keep your muscles fit and to rehabilitate your unfit or injured muscles. He has taught many students of all levels over the last 12 years at Seaside’s outdoor summer yoga classes. Craig instructs classes so that you can learn how to achieve the yoga postures safely and with an understanding of alignment and sequencing.

Email: craigmcmail@gmail.com
Phone: (850)231-4220