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Laura Bailey

Originally from the Gulf Coast, Laura Bailey discovered Yoga as a student in Aspen, Colorado and began practicing and studying the discipline intensely. Her passion led her to San Francisco, California to further her Yoga education at the Iyenger Institute and through studies with distinguished Yoga guru Rodney Yee. After several years of passionate study, Bailey was given a once in a lifetime opportunity to take over a friend’s yoga class in Aspen so she returned to Colorado and began teaching full time. She has lived around the country and travelled all over the world—notably to Indonesia where she completed a teacher’s training with Yee. Bailey has been practicing Yoga for 18 years and is an instructor of Hatha Yoga—a term that encompasses all physical forms of yoga including Ashtanga, Iyengar, Vinyasa and Anusara. The beach once again called Bailey home and she recently relocated to South Walton with her three beautiful children Virginia, Frances and George.

Email: yogaseaside@gmail.com

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Andrea Alfieri

Artistic Director and Founder of 30A Dancewave, Andrea Alfieri encourages everyone to catch the wave… Ride the 30A Dancewave! Her classes are fun, exciting and full of surprises! As an alumnus of The Philadelphia University of the Arts, College of Performing Arts, Andrea is a twenty+year professional On/Off Broadway veteran. She’s appeared all over the world in many venues on stage, television and radio acting, dancing and singing. Originally trained via Pennsylvania Ballet and Philadanco, her choreography is of Modern-Jazz origin mixed with today’s latest moves. She was the Artistic Director of the Atlantic City & Ocean City Dancewave where she wrote and directed ‘OceanOgraphy’ a 50 minute ‘Dancumentary’ of underwater sea creatures. She directs intensive summer camps including this year’s “CIRCUS CIRCUS” and “LIGHTS CAMERA ACTION”, a Creative Drama Program and Children’s Musical Theater Camp. Andrea is a National Adjudicator for National Dance Competitions, on the faculty of The National Talent Exchange and an Official Choreographer for the Miss America Organization. Miss Andrea respects and reaches out to all dance professionals with the same vision and goals for our future dancers in the hopes of creating a network of “like minded dance educators” forming a 30A Dance Alliance benefiting all young dancers of Walton County’s future. Andrea’s 30A Dancewave program at The Studio encourages confidence, creativity and a positive attitude in developing dancers of all age groups.

Please visit Andrea’s Website at www.30ADancewave.com

Email: catchthe30ADancewave@gmail.com
Phone: (850) 687-6711

Marie Landwehr

“Yoga is both subtle and profound. The gentle additive benefits of yoga can transform one’s body, mind and spirit that transcends well beyond the mat and into overall quality of life and attitude.”

Marie has been committed to her yoga practice for over 15 years since she first utilized yoga to promote her own physical recovery after a traumatic car accident. Personally familiar with the challenges of pursuing and maintaining optimal health and her own ongoing recovery, she is enthusiastic to share the joy and benefits of yoga as a viable change agent. Marie infuses a wealth of experience, passion, and functional movement to make your yoga experience approachable. As a certified yoga instructor, her clear and calm Power Yoga/Ashtanga style has been strongly influenced by Bryan Kest. Marie obtained her MA in Addiction Studies. Having worked in the field of substance abuse and recovery, she values the practice of yoga for the capacity to promote equanimity ~ maintaining calmness despite daily challenges. She is also a United States Air Force (USAF) veteran, where, in addition to her Military Duties, she represented the USAF in competitive sports and worked as a health/fitness advisor.

Email: 30Ayogawave@gmail.com
Phone: (320)237-4201

Craig McLaughlin

Craig McLaughlin had been practicing yoga sporadically in the mid 1990’s when he had the opportunity to attend Mr. B.K.S Iyengar’s 80th birthday celebration/workshop in Pune, India in 1998. After that amazing experience, he pursued yoga instruction from other more accessible instructors who had been studying and practicing with Mr. Iyengar for many years. The fundamentals of this practice, with creative sequencing and proper alignment, along with the use of props (tools to help one get the shape of the pose with stability), helps make the yoga postures (asanas) approachable for any student of yoga. Craig has been a massage therapist for 20 years and with his understanding of muscles and structure, he feels that regular asana practice is an excellent way to keep your muscles fit and to rehabilitate your unfit or injured muscles. He has taught many students of all levels over the last 12 years at Seaside’s outdoor summer yoga classes. Craig instructs classes so that you can learn how to achieve the yoga postures safely and with an understanding of alignment and sequencing.

Email: craigmcmail@gmail.com
Phone: (850)231-4220

Nancy Gross

Nancy’s had a diverse career for over 30 years with a passion for health and wellness. Having completed a 200 hr. yoga teacher training program, Nancy created a company designed to share the holistic lifestyle approach with people of all ages/needs. The first program she researched and developed was the ZIA Wellness Teen Leadership Workshop. The first workshop was held in February 2012 and outcomes of the experience were very positive. Experience the Essence of Yin Yoga - Stillness, Awareness, Intention & Attention of Your Body, Breath, Mind & Spirit!

Visit her website: http://www.ziawellness.com/

Email: nancydgross@gmail.com
Phone: 850.797.6926

Shanda Beste

Shanda grew up in a Ballet Studio with its stringent training and discipline. She attended Birmingham-Southern College on a dance scholarship and graduatied magna cum laude in 1992. After graduatuationshe move to Key West, FL where she worked on sailing catamarans and was first introduced to yoga at Bikram’s Hot Yoga Studio. Today, she enjoys a wide variety of yoba studies, from yoga therapy techniques to vinyasa flow, from kundalini to yin yoga. Her classes offer an eclectic mix of fun, down-to-earth techniques that strengthen the physical body, release negative emotions, clear the mind and build self-confidence. Her most recent obesession is Stand-Up Paddleboard Yoga which combines her need for fun in th esun and on the water with the healing power of yoga.

website: http://www.soulshinesupyoga.com

Email: integratedanimal@aol.com
Phone: (239) 560-6667